2022 Manifesting Your Dreams Webinar

In about 2 hours, you can say good-bye 2021, create your vision for 2022

and have an action plan to make this your best year yet!

In this webinar you will...

RELEASE the past year so you can start 2022 with a fresh slate.

Have a clear VISION of what you want 2022 to look like so you can manifest your dreams faster.

Develop a set of actionable goals in each area of your life: relationships, career, personal development.

Customize your step-by-step ACTION PLAN using Tara's Exclusive 2022 Manifestation Map that you will download and walk away with.

Know the SECRET of what to do when life gets in the way.

It's time to *FINALLY* manifest your dream life with an actionable plan so you can be part of the 3% of people who achieve what they set out to do!


  • You want 2022 to be different so that you're not repeating the same year over and over again!

  • You are tired of setting goals and then not hitting them. It's frustrating and maybe you are beginning to believe they aren't possible for you.

  • You have a dream of what you want your life to be ... but execution is where you struggle. The day to day doesn't seem to move the needle.

only $37

For webinar with all the tools you need to manifest an amazing 2022!

Just a few faqS

  • Is this a LIVE event?

No. This is a special recorded webinar of a workshop that was originally delivered LIVE on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

  • How long will it take?

The recording is approximately 50 minutes, however you will need to pause the webinar to fill in your 2022 Manifestation Map which includes an action plan to make your 2022 vision a reality. All in all, it should take you approximately 2 hours to complete it.

  • Can I get support from Tara with any questions I have?

Yes! While this not a live event, you can reach out to Tara once you've completed the webinar for support in writing your goals or preparing your action plan. There is a link to book a call once you register or you can book a call here - https://taraandandre.com/book-with-us

  • Will I get all the tools I need?

YES!! You will get the link to download your very own 2022 Manifestation Map which you will fill out while you are doing the webinar.

  • Would I benefit from this webinar even if I am unsure of what my dreams are?

Yes! In the webinar, Tara will guide you through a visualization exercise where you will create a vision of what you want. Most people don't achieve their goals as they either lack a clear vision or and action plan to make these dreams a reality. You will have both by the end of this webinar.

  • If I purchase this webinar, how long will it be available?

We want to ensure you TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY, so the recording will only be available until January 31, 2021!

This is exactly what I need! Let's do it!

2022 Manifesting Your Dreams Webinar

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